Calendar widget for Notification Center and Menu Bar.

Simply slide out notification center to get an overview of any month. Colored marks for each category of events right on the monthly view. No need to select specific date to see whether business or family events are scheduled or if it's just a holiday reminder!

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ePublr: Convert & Sync

ePublr converts books or documents in .fb2, .pdf, .doc or .txt format into epubs for comfortable reading using iBooks or any other book reader app installed on your device. ePublr is extremely easy to use utility. It not just creates copies of your books in different format, but optimizes layout, text and images.

iOS version of ePublr is currently in development.

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iStatistica is an advanced system monitor for OS X. It includes notification center widget and menu bar popover. Simply slide out notification center to keep an eye on your CPU, memory, disk usage and network activity.

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10 December 2015

iStatistica now supports temperature and fans monitoring. Download "iStatistica Sensors plugin" to enable new features.

24 October 2015

New design. Better experience on the mobile devices.

18 October 2015

Calendarique for iOS released. Check out AppStore or Calendarique widget product page for more details.

12 October 2015

Calendarique for OS X 1.0.1 and iStatistica 1.0.2 released. iStatistica now supports Notification Center widget customization. Calendarique now supports integration.

1 October 2015

We have prepared a special present for the Teacher's Day: ePublr converter is on sale this weekend.

Legacy Software

ImageTasks for Windows

If you are looking for ImageTasks for Windows, you can download it here. Please note, that ImageTasks for Windows is a legacy software and no longer supported.

Plus-n-Minus game for iPhone/iPad

If you are looking for Plus-n-Minus game for iPhone/iPad, you can download it from Apple. iPhone version, iPad version. Please note, that Plus-n-Minus game is a legacy software and no longer supported. You can download it for free.