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System Monitor. Reinvented.

iStatistica system monitor widget osx


System monitoring dashboard

Realtime CPU, Memory, Network, Disk cards:

  • uptime
  • memory pressure (active, cached, wired, free)
  • CPU, RAM, disk usage
  • battery cycles, health, capacity
  • incoming & outgoing traffic speed

Disk visualization

Easily remove unneeded files and folders

Application monitor

Ultimate activity monitoring:

  • CPU usage history
  • RAM map
  • force quit apps

Sensors and Fans data

Detailed information on your Mac's CPU, GPU sensors:

  • 40+ temperature sensors supported*
  • fan speeds*
  • disk IO*
  • temperature notifications*

Disk visualization

disk cleaner for mac

Easily find and remove unneeded files you may have forgotten about.

Allows you to view large files and folders clearly. Just select a file or folder that is no more needed and hit "Move to Trash" button.

Activity monitor

Applications tab shows applications that are running on your Mac, so you can manage them and see how they affect your Mac's performance.

Sensors Plugin is required for "Quit", "Force Quit" actions and network sent/recieved data statistics.

cpu memory usage

Sensors and Fans

sensors and fans speed

Monitor temperature of your Mac.

Sensors plugin required.

Network monitor

All network interfaces.

Access your active network interfaces (such as Ethernet, WI-FI, Thunderbolt), external IP/Country and traffic statistics. Visualize your network traffic, network activity, calculate traffic since start up time. IP Geo Location detection does not depend on third party databases or services: we use our own service with no logging. All your data is private.

network monitor for mac

Menu bar Monitors

macos system monitor

Monitor system resources from the menu bar.

iStatistica Sensors Monitoring Plug-in

iStatistica Sensors Plug-in enables temperature and fan speeds monitoring. Keep an eye on CPU, GPU, memory temperature, observe fan speeds (rpm) and get hdd disk IO statistics with mac system monitor. Sensors Plug-in helps iStatistica being most advanced system monitor on the App Store.

iStatistica Sensors Plug-in Installation

  1. Check that you have iStatistica Pro installed
  2. Download iStatistica Sensors Monitoring Plug-in

    iStatistica mac system monitor Sensors Plug-in in dmg

  3. Open downloaded iStatisticaSensors.dmg image and install iStatistica Sensors.pkg

    iStatistica mac system monitor Sensors Plug-in in Launchpad

  4. Launch iStatistica Sensors application from the Launchpad and turn "Enable iStatistica Sensors Plug-in" switch on

    iStatistica mac system monitor Sensors Plug-in

macOS System Monitor Support

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please, send it to or reach us on Twitter at @imagetasks.