PIXEA - Free image viewer for macOS

Pixea is an image viewer for macOS with a nice minimal modern user interface. Pixea works great with JPEG, HEIC, PSD, RAW, WEBP, PNG, GIF, and many other formats. Provides basic image processing, including flip and rotate, shows a color histogram, EXIF, and other information. Supports keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures. Shows images inside archives, without extracting them. And it's free!

PIXEA - Free image viewer for macOS

Supported Formats

JPEG, HEIC, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Photoshop (PSD), BMP, Fax images, macOS and Windows icons, Radiance images, Google's WebP. RAW formats: Leica DNG and RAW, Sony ARW, Olympus ORF, Minolta MRW, Nikon NEF, Fuji RAF, Canon CR2 and CRW, Hasselblad 3FR. Sketch files (preview only). ZIP-archives. Export formats: JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, BMP.

Keyboard shortcuts

macOS free image viewer

  • Scroll: W, A, S, D
  • Zoom In: Z + Mouse Click
  • Zoom Out: Z + Option + Mouse Click
  • Selection Tool: M
  • Square Selection: Hold Shift
  • Scroll: Hold Spacebar + Drag

  • Previous / Next Image: ← ⁄ →
  • Previous / Next Image Frame: ↑ ⁄ ↓
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out: + ⁄ -
  • Slideshow: Enter
  • Rotate Image Left / Right: [ ⁄ ]
  • Fit to Screen: \
  • Actual Size: 0

Touchbar support

PIXEA - Free image viewer for osx

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System Requirements

macOS 10.12 or higher

Universal Binary

Native Apple Silicon and Intel based Macs support

Pixea - The invisible image viewer for macOS | Product Hunt

Pixea Support

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please, send it to support@imagetasks.com or reach us on Twitter at @imagetasks.

How to change the default image viewer on Mac?

Select an image file you want to open with Pixea. Hit "Command + I" on your keyboard or right click on the file, and select Get Info.

Under the "Open With" dropdown menu, select "Pixea". Click "Change All" to apply settings to all images with the same type. You might have to repeat the process with different image types.

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Are animated images supported?

Yes, Pixea supports animated GIF, PNG, and WebP images.

Can I help with localization?

Yes, drop us a line if you want to help with localizations.

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