System monitoring dashboard

Realtime CPU, Memory, Network, Disk cards:

  • uptime
  • memory pressure (active, cached, wired, free)
  • CPU, RAM, disk usage
  • battery cycles, health, capacity
  • incoming & outgoing traffic speed

Battery information

Detailed information on your battery’s current state:

  • cycles*
  • health*
  • capacity**
  • time remaining**

Network activity monitoring

What’s being sent and received, including a bandwidth:

  • network map
  • external WAN IP
  • internal LAN IP address
  • router IP address
  • incoming & outgoing traffic speed
  • country detection based on external ip****

Bluetooth information

Battery charge for supported devices:

  • AirPods
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Magic Mouse
  • + more third party devices

Sensors and Fans data

Detailed information on your Mac's CPU, GPU sensors:

  • 40+ temperature sensors supported*
  • fan speeds*
  • disk IO*
  • temperature notifications*


iStatistica in your Notification Center:

  • macOS Big Sur+ widgets
  • legacy Today widget


Full-featured notifications for:

  • CPU
  • memory
  • sensors
  • + Run terminal command or a workflow actions

Monitors in menu bar

iStatistica in your menu bar:

  • Unified menu bar view

Web access and remote API

Access Mac's information remotely:

  • mobile-friendly web interface
  • JSON-based REST API
  • IP filter

All-in-one System Monitoring Dashboard

You can use a light or dark appearance for iStatistica, or automatically adjust the appearance from light to dark during the day.

macos system monitor

Monitors for Menu Bar

CPU, Memory, Disks, Sensors, and Network in your menu bar.

A quick overview of your Mac stats, realtime information about CPU, RAM usage and much more. Network statistics includes external, gateway and local IPs, speed and data rates chart. Just click on the ip address to open it in the default web browser.

You can easily configure iStatistica to automatically stay in the menu bar. Just click settings and enable "Open iStatistica at Login" option. If you prefer using Notification Center widget only, you can safely disable autorun feature. iStatistica in Menu Bar and Notification Center widget can work independently.

macOS Big Sur Widgets

System, Memory, Disks and Storage, and Network:

mac system widgets

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications, alerts, and actions based on CPU, memory, and sensors data:

macos memory notification

macos cpu alert

macos sensor notification

Web Access and Remote API

iStatistica offers web-access to track CPU, Memory, Disk, or Sensors statistics over a local area network. Just enable web-access in application settings and point your browser to Mac's address.

macos system monitor

Local Area Network

macos system monitor

API commands and results

iStatistica supports GET requests to provide specific information:

GET http://xx.xx.xx.xx:yyyy/api/command

where xx.xx.xx.xx is the address of your mac and yyyy is the port defined in iStatistica settings.

  • summary_cpuLoad

    CPU utilization number

  • summary_cpuCores

    Number of physical cores

  • summary_cpuLogicalCores

    Number of logical cores

  • cpu_coresActivities

    JSON object containing each core utilization number

  • summary_memoryTotal / summary_memoryTotalText

    Total memory installed in bytes or as localized text

  • summary_memoryInactive / summary_memoryInactiveText

    Inactive memory

  • summary_memoryWired / summary_memoryWiredText

    Wired memory

  • summary_memoryFree / summary_memoryFreeText

    Free memory

  • summary_memoryUsed / summary_memoryUsedText

    Used memory

  • network_ipExternal

    External IP-address

  • network_ipGateway

    IP-address of a router

  • network_ipLocal

    Local IP address

  • network_macGateway

    Router MAC-address

  • network_macLocal

    Computer's MAC-address

  • network_speedDownload / network_speedDownloadText

    Current download speed. Bytes / Text values.

  • network_speedUpload / network_speedUploadText

    Current upload speed. Bytes / Text values.

  • network_downloaded / network_downloadedText

    Downloaded since restart. Bytes / Text values.

  • network_uploadedText / network_uploadedText

    Uploaded since restart. Bytes / Text values.

  • diskDrives

    JSON object containing all connected drives and free/used space

  • battery_isCharging

    Returns 1 if the battery is charging

  • battery_charge

    Current charge of the battery or UPC

  • battery_cyclesDesigned / battery_cyclesCurrent

    Number of cycles of the battery

  • sensors

    List all sensors and temperatures in C

  • fans

    List all fans and RPM data

  • diskIO_write / diskIO_writeText

    Bytes written to disk since restart

  • diskIO_read / diskIO_readText

    Bytes read from disk since restart

  • /

    Get all the data that iStatistica provides as a JSON object

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System Requirements

macOS 10.11 or higher

Universal Binary

Native Apple Silicon and Intel based Macs support

  iStatistica iStatistica Pro Ultimate monitoring pack
(iStatistica + Netler + DiskSight)
System monitoring dashboard
Battery information
Network activity monitoring
Bluetooth information
Sensors and Fans data
Today Widget
Big Sur+ Widgets
Notifications (CPU, memory, sensors)
Notifications (network, disk, GPU) - -
Unified monitor in menu bar
Advanced, customizable monitors in menu bar - -
Web access and remote API + passkey support
GPU monitoring - -
Applications + processes info applications only applications only
Disk visualization -
Activity monitor - -
Network monitor -
Sensors dashboard - -
Price $5.99 $9.99 $7.99

iStatistica Sensors Monitoring Plug-in

iStatistica Sensors Plug-in enables temperature and fan speeds monitoring. Keep an eye on CPU, GPU, memory temperature, observe fan speeds (rpm) and get hdd disk IO statistics with mac system monitor. Sensors Plug-in helps iStatistica being the most advanced system monitor on the App Store.

iStatistica system monitor for mac

iStatistica Sensors Plug-in Installation

  1. Check that you have iStatistica Pro installed
  2. Download iStatistica Sensors Monitoring Plug-in
  3. Open downloaded iStatisticaSensors.dmg image and copy iStatistica Sensors to your Applications folder.
  4. Launch iStatistica Sensors application from the Launchpad and turn "Enable I/O Plug-in" switch on

iStatistica mac system monitor Sensors Plug-in

Mac System Monitor Support

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please, send it to or reach us on Twitter at @imagetasks.

* - ejecting drives, battery cycles and health are available in iStatistica for Mac only.
** - battery capacity and remaining time information are based on public technical specifications of devices running iOS. Mac version provides full battery capacity and cycles information including depreciation.
*** - sensors plugin is required for temperature, fan speeds and disk IO monitoring.
**** - Imagetasks own web services are used for ip/country detection. No personal data is being used or logged.